Jan 19In Summary
Jan 21Horn Dog
Jan 23A Celebration
Jan 26First Date
Jan 28Pissing Contest
Jan 30Hair Of The Dog
Feb 2Boy Genius
Feb 4Downward Alpha
Feb 6Special
Feb 9House Dad
Feb 11Wasted Youth
Feb 13Missing Application
Feb 16Magical Powers
Feb 18Mistakes Were Made
Feb 20Empty Threat
Feb 23Death Bed
Feb 25The Holy Text
Feb 27Chicken Little
Mar 2Guys Night
Mar 4True Love Waits
Mar 6Baby Pictures
Mar 9Big And Small
Mar 11Bar Games
Mar 13Mama Baby
Mar 16Pictures Of You
Mar 18Bat Boy
Mar 20Back And Forth Forever
Mar 23Seven Minutes In Heaven
Mar 25Party Favors
Mar 27Good Enough
Mar 30Speak Softly
Apr 1Slippery Slopes
Apr 3Bootstraps
Apr 6Elder Care
Apr 8Baby Talk
Apr 10Born Ready
Apr 13Holiday Drunk
Apr 15Almost Painless
Apr 17Facts Of Life
Apr 20Distant Cure
Apr 22Three Little Words
Apr 24Overdid It
Apr 27One In A Million
Apr 29Clowning Around
May 1Phenomenon
May 4Scary Story
May 6Beach Bunny
May 8Happily Forever
May 11Apple A Day
May 13The Apprentice
May 15Friends For Life
May 18Player Hater
May 20Tree Hugging
May 22Gun Show
May 25Spider Woman
May 27Loving It
May 29Body Artist
Jun 1Class Confrontation
Jun 3Even Better
Jun 5Miracle Of Life
Jun 8Sensitive Male
Jun 10The Godfather
Jun 12Underdressed
Jun 15Tough Love
Jun 17Opposites Attract
Jun 19Curious Confession
Jun 22Attention Getter
Jun 24Three Is Company
Jun 26Complicated Complex
Jun 29Friendship
Jul 1Desperate Measures
Jul 3Game Changer
Jul 6Office Policy
Jul 8All Is Fair
Jul 10Twisted Fate
Jul 13Tainted Love
Jul 15The Corner
Jul 17Leisure Class
Jul 20Bittersweet Surrender
Jul 22Lay Down The Law
Jul 24Birds Of A Feather
Jul 27Binge And Purge
Jul 29Anger Management
Jul 31Tenant Complaints
Aug 3My Pet Baby
Aug 5Good Samaritan
Aug 7Do As I Say
Aug 10Heartless Romantic
Aug 12Grass Is Greener
Aug 14The Game Plan
Aug 17Biological Clock
Aug 19Treatment Denied
Aug 21Small Sacrifice
Aug 24The One
Aug 26Bromance
Aug 28Sad Competition
Aug 31Reason To Believe
Sep 2Paper Work
Sep 4Arrested Development
Sep 7Whine Lover
Sep 9Good Fortune
Sep 11Highly Effective
Sep 14Twittered
Sep 16Peace Plan
Sep 18Last Goodbye
Sep 21Scorecard
Sep 23Team Spirit
Sep 25Little Bro
Sep 28Secret To Success
Sep 30Self Improved
Oct 2Touchy Subject
Oct 5All Have Sinned
Oct 7Loveseat
Oct 9Office Politics
Oct 12I Punch You
Oct 14Unanswered Question
Oct 16Personal Jesus
Oct 19I Know You Are
Oct 21Inheritance
Oct 23Happy Ending
Oct 26Pet Project
Oct 28That Guy
Oct 30Tricked
Nov 2Animals
Nov 4Untrue Blood
Nov 6Keep Smiling
Nov 9The Guarantee
Nov 11Masculine Mystique
Nov 13Never Give Up
Nov 16Life Of The Party
Nov 18Perfect Gentleman
Nov 20All Apologies
Nov 23Own Worst Enemy
Nov 25Thankful
Nov 27Dead End
Nov 30Pride Parade
Dec 2Patriot Act
Dec 4Cruel World
Dec 7V Club
Dec 9Rebel Without Pause
Dec 11Give And Take
Dec 14Call Of Duty
Dec 16Together
Dec 18All The Creatures
Dec 21When I Grow Up
Dec 23Silly Dog
Dec 25Christmas Wish
Dec 28I Am So Sorry
Dec 30Herbal Remedy


Jan 1Be It Resolved
Jan 4Not Negotiable
Jan 6Furry Comic
Jan 8So Alive
Jan 11Love Is Blind
Jan 13Parental Support
Jan 15Act Your Age
Jan 18Little Wing Man
Jan 20Free Lunch
Jan 22Easy Tiger
Jan 25What It Means To Me
Jan 27Highly Sensitive
Jan 29Last Words
Feb 1Appetite For Love
Feb 3Abstinence Class
Feb 5The Usual Suspects
Feb 8Fair Weather Fans
Feb 10Self Determined
Feb 12Rational Love
Feb 15Game Player
Feb 17Achtung Baby
Feb 19Blame Game
Feb 22The Exorcist
Feb 24A Thoughtful And Bipartisan Consideration Of Health Care
Feb 26Focus On The Family
Mar 1Voice Of Experience
Mar 3Meat Lover
Mar 5Safety First
Mar 8Butt Collector
Mar 10Domesticated Animal
Mar 12A Diagnosis
Mar 15Reunion Party
Mar 17You Are Unique In All The World
Mar 19Spring
Mar 22Hero To The Masses
Mar 24Hopelessly Optimistic
Mar 26Nark
Mar 29Forever Friends
Mar 31Wise Like Solomon
Apr 2Consider The Fetus
Apr 5The Lonely Narcissist
Apr 7Semantics
Apr 9Fundraiser
Apr 12Your Daddy Really Loves You
Apr 14Gone But Not Forgotten
Apr 16Modest Proposals
Apr 19Youth Ministry
Apr 21Little Dandelions
Apr 23Simple Truths
Apr 26Young Entrepreneurs
Apr 28Cats And Dogs
Apr 30Super Powers
May 3Sacred Art
May 5Misunderstood
May 7It’s The Thought That Counts
May 10Realistic Expectations
May 12Stuffed
May 14Lifelong Student
May 17Acts Of God
May 19Playground Insults
May 21The Secret To Your Self Esteem
May 24An Education
May 26Time Heals Some Wounds
May 28Down In A Hole
May 31Cynical
Jun 2Bad Influence
Jun 4Wait In Vain
Jun 7Reverse Psychology
Jun 9Kiss Me
Jun 11The Investment Club
Jun 14Blindness
Jun 16The Philanthropists
Jun 18Untouchable
Jun 21The Bureau Of Bureaucracy
Jun 23Deep Seated Fear
Jun 25Best And Brightest
Jun 28Alternative Energy
Jun 30I Am Awesome
Jul 2Paradise Lost
Jul 5A Salute To America’s Heroes
Jul 7Simple Mistake
Jul 9One Grey Hair
Jul 12Maturity
Jul 14A Miracle Of Medicine
Jul 16A Head Behind
Jul 19Gummy Bears
Jul 21The Talk
Jul 23Unsettling
Jul 26Practice Practice Practice
Jul 28I Believe The Children Are Our Future
Jul 30Yet Another Cliche
Aug 2Happy Family
Aug 4All Wet
Aug 6Crazy Uncle
Aug 9The Student Becomes The Teacher
Aug 11Sinner’s Prayer
Aug 13Alternative Medicine
Aug 16Team Recognition
Aug 18Play The Odds
Aug 20Faith And Hope
Aug 23Overpriced
Aug 25You Never Get Over Your First Love
Aug 27Two Steps Back
Aug 30Imagine
Sep 1Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Sep 3Best Intentions
Sep 6Reality For Real
Sep 8Diet Plan
Sep 10Under The Influence
Sep 13Safer Cigarettes
Sep 15Take The High Road
Sep 17Zen
Sep 20The White Workers Of The World Unite
Sep 22Age Appropriate
Sep 24The Lover
Sep 27Follow The Leader
Sep 29Great Expectations
Oct 1A Friend In Need
Oct 4No Free Rides
Oct 6A Safer Convenience
Oct 8Double Standard
Oct 11Less Superficial
Oct 13Sales Pitch
Oct 15Keep Warm
Oct 18Preemptive Strike
Oct 20Bad Romance
Oct 22Monopoly
Oct 25Watch And Learn
Oct 27You Big Baby
Oct 29Scary Characters
Nov 1Live Life To The Fullest
Nov 3Your Hero Has Arrived
Nov 5Hopeless
Nov 8The World Wide Web
Nov 10Fate
Nov 12Can’t Relax
Nov 15Cause And Effect
Nov 17False Sense Of Security
Nov 19Amazing
Nov 22Literally
Nov 24Give Thanks
Nov 26Crime And Punishment
Nov 29Angry And Out Of Control
Dec 1I Don’t Need You And I Never Will
Dec 3The Rich Are Different From You And Me
Dec 6The Perfect Skin
Dec 8Class Participation
Dec 10Ugliness Is Only Skin Deep
Dec 13Break The Habit
Dec 15Drink Responsibly
Dec 17Insomniacs Anonymous
Dec 20The Family Secret
Dec 22Forgetful
Dec 24All I Want For Christmas
Dec 27Compatible
Dec 29Land Of Opportunity
Dec 31Ethical Enough


Jan 3Bait And Switch
Jan 5Necessary Measures
Jan 7To Each Their Own
Jan 10Not Interested
Jan 12How He’d Want To Be Remembered
Jan 14Know Thyself
Jan 17Work Comes First
Jan 19Looks Can Be Deceiving
Jan 21Those Who Wait
Jan 24Human Touch
Jan 26Poop Jokes Aren’t Funny
Jan 28Food Snob
Jan 31Retirement Plan
Feb 2Different Standards
Feb 4Walking Contradiction
Feb 7Playground Politics
Feb 9Keeping It Real
Feb 11Safe To Proceed
Feb 14Don’t Take It Personally
Feb 16Join The Club
Feb 18One Explanation
Feb 21Baseless Fear
Feb 23A Sad And Silly End To America’s Middle Class
Feb 25Just Say No
Feb 28Be Thankful For What You Have
Mar 2An Office Party With Cake
Mar 4Never Settle For Less
Mar 7Winning
Mar 9Playing By A Different Set Of Rules
Mar 11A Lesson In American Values
Mar 14Exercise Fanatic
Mar 16Performance Artist
Mar 18Everyone Has Their Reasons
Mar 21Revenge Of The Nerd
Mar 23White Teeth
Mar 25The Epiphany Of Sisyphus
Mar 28The Long Road To Self Acceptance
Mar 30The Nonconformists
Apr 1The Difficult Existence Of The Gun Enthusiast
Apr 4Marketing 101
Apr 6The Bottom Of The Pecking Order
Apr 8Ronald Reagan Is A Zombie Eating America’s Brain
Apr 11Ready To Settle Down
Apr 13Art Therapy
Apr 15Take A Chance
Apr 18Know Your Audience
Apr 20Atlas Shrugged Is A Stupid Fantasy For Assholes
Apr 22Feelings
Apr 25Many Paths
Apr 27Outdoor Activity
Apr 29An Explanation Of Eligibility
May 2Stop Being OCD
May 4Body Issues
May 6Know Your Rights
May 9Moderation
May 11Band Member
May 13Dreams From My Father
May 16Hurt Feelings
May 18Discovering The Opposite Sex
May 20Management Prerogative
May 23No One Knows The Day
May 25Just Having Fun
May 27The Serious Business Of Girl Scout Cookies
May 30Caged Animal
Jun 1Judge Not
Jun 3Exploring Options
Jun 6Best Interest Of The Child
Jun 8Having The Last Laugh
Jun 10Amplify The Problem
Jun 13Body Sculpture
Jun 15The American Dream
Jun 17Haters Gonna Hate
Jun 20Small Talk
Jun 22Real Love
Jun 24The Law Of The Jungle
Jun 27Fertile Ground
Jun 29Tool Of Seduction
Jul 1Extraordinary Circumstances
Jul 4Grounded For Life
Jul 6Answered Prayers
Jul 8Harness Technology
Jul 11Making Each Other Happy
Jul 13Very Different Problems
Jul 15The Hobbyist
Jul 18Hiding Nothing
Jul 20The Good News
Jul 22Expecting
Jul 25Unfriend
Jul 27Tradeoffs
Jul 29Grandma Gets Email
Aug 1Kids Say The Darndest Things
Aug 3Retrofit
Aug 5I Was Never Good At Sports
Aug 8Born This Way
Aug 10All Things To All People
Aug 12Poor Hipster
Aug 15Nihilist Dad
Aug 17Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
Aug 19It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Aug 22A Mother’s Love
Aug 24Limbo
Aug 26Perspective
Aug 29Sports Heroes
Aug 31Sharing Is Caring
Sep 2Show And Tell
Sep 5Do What You Can
Sep 7Best Friends Forever
Sep 9Bridging The Generation Gap
Sep 12Cut The Weight
Sep 14Career Focus
Sep 16A Misanthrope Making Friends
Sep 19The Freedom Of Speech
Sep 21Childhood Nostalgia
Sep 23Fully Prepared
Sep 26The Populist
Sep 28Happy Drunk
Sep 30Endless Search
Oct 3Wall Street Has A Laugh
Oct 5Empty Nest
Oct 7Excited For The Future
Oct 10Reflecting On What Matters Most
Oct 12Backstory
Oct 14Never Ready
Oct 17For The Birds
Oct 19Wall Street Embraces Responsibility
Oct 21The Message
Oct 24Setting The Record Straight
Oct 26Too Much Of A Good Thing
Oct 28If Only
Oct 31Kids’ Choice
Nov 2Dirty Talk
Nov 4Preparing For The Future
Nov 7Pill Regimen
Nov 9Broken Up
Nov 11For The Health Of It
Nov 14Officer Friendly
Nov 16Sex Is A Sacred And Special Thing
Nov 18Then And Now
Nov 21Family Portrait
Nov 23Carpe Diem
Nov 25Worth The Wait
Nov 28Couples Counseling
Nov 30Pain And Suffering
Dec 2Gaining Experience
Dec 5Sworn Enemies
Dec 7Two Step Program
Dec 9Long Term Commitment
Dec 12Be Prepared
Dec 14Dog Food
Dec 16The Kind Of Intellectual
Dec 19Stand Up And Testify
Dec 21Raising The Bar
Dec 23Santanomics
Dec 26The Inactivist
Dec 28Ambivert
Dec 30Yesterday And Today And Forever


Jan 2Unlimited
Jan 4Better Never Than Late
Jan 6The Subversive
Jan 9Coping Strategy
Jan 11I Will Kiss You All Over
Jan 13Remote Control
Jan 16The Exception Proves The Rule
Jan 18Bedroom Activity
Jan 20Cheers!
Jan 23A Practical Application Of Philosophy And Religion
Jan 25Not Necessarily An Act
Jan 27Idiot Savant
Jan 30Father Knows Best
Feb 1Butter And Margarine
Feb 3Outside In
Feb 6The Procrastinator
Feb 8Mass Communication
Feb 10Pizza Face
Feb 13A Happy Valentine’s Day
Feb 15A Close Personal Relationship
Feb 17Milkman
Feb 20At Last
Feb 22Dream Big
Feb 24Animal Psychology
Feb 27Define Our Terms
Feb 29All You Can Do Is Try
Mar 2Poor Little Rich Boy
Mar 5Contraceptionish
Mar 7Knowing Your Type
Mar 9Prom
Mar 12Target Demographics
Mar 14Wall Street Bull
Mar 16More Than Friends
Mar 19Don’t Blame The Victim
Mar 21Follow The Dress Code
Mar 23It’s One Or The Other
Mar 26Double The Responsibility
Mar 28Attendance Policy
Mar 30DIY
Apr 2Hard Work Pays Off
Apr 4Tax Considerations
Apr 6Subtle Reminders
Apr 9An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Interpersonal Attraction
Apr 11Selfish
Apr 13Ununfriendable
Apr 16Why Wait?
Apr 18Self Assessment
Apr 20Just Be Yourself
Apr 23Forward Thinking
Apr 25No Regrets
Apr 27Unlucky
Apr 30All An Act
May 2Go In With A Plan
May 4Real Friends
May 7The Bargain
May 9Aspiring Job Creator
May 11The Freedom Of Religion
May 14Half And Half
May 16A Tip For The Bedroom
May 18Unexpected Tragedy
May 21Simple Request
May 23Oldest Trick In The Book
May 25The Happy Life Of A Young Individualist
May 28The Bachelor
May 30Act On The Problem
Jun 1The Art Of The Hustle
Jun 4Us And Them
Jun 6No Sympathy
Jun 8Discount Education
Jun 11Take Advantage Of A Good Thing
Jun 13Refuse To Run
Jun 15The Business Response
Jun 18Easy Way Out
Jun 20Career Objectives
Jun 22Insignificant In Bed
Jun 25Self Affirmations
Jun 27A Childlike Faith
Jun 29No Time Like The Present
Jul 2Shakespearean Tragedy
Jul 4Feeling Patriotic
Jul 6Office Accommodations
Jul 9A Snowflake In Summer
Jul 11Maintaining Perspective
Jul 13A Questioning Faith
Jul 16In The Past
Jul 18Sanitized
Jul 20An Older Man
Jul 23Cause For Concern
Jul 25Stamped
Jul 27Salt And Pepper
Jul 30Tricks Of The Trade
Aug 1Pranked
Aug 3Drink Selection
Aug 6Origin Of The Species
Aug 8Displays Of Affection
Aug 10The Funny Guy
Aug 13Predictable Response
Aug 15Equilibrium
Aug 17Friendship Is Fleeting
Aug 20The Burden Of Proof
Aug 22Neck Tattoo
Aug 24Brotuses
Aug 27Just Ask The Kids
Aug 29Ready And Able
Aug 31Sports Triumph
Sep 3Each In Their Own Way
Sep 5Caffeinated
Sep 7An Unfortunate Trait
Sep 10A Better Person
Sep 12The Fantasy
Sep 14Change Begets Change
Sep 17Civics Lesson
Sep 19Outside Help
Sep 21Waiting Until The Last Minute
Sep 24Exception To The Rule
Sep 26High Fives
Sep 28The Social Drinker
Oct 1Work-Life Balance
Oct 3The Anxious Parent
Oct 5Strict Accountability
Oct 8Little Miracle
Oct 10Unrealistic Expectations
Oct 12Role Model
Oct 15The Family Intervenes
Oct 17The Examined Life
Oct 19Playing Make Believe
Oct 22The Purpose Driven Life
Oct 24Liquid Courage
Oct 26Political Science
Oct 29Easy To Accept
Nov 5Get Out The Vote
Nov 12The Work Benefit
Nov 19A Proper Perspective On Material Things
Nov 26The Third Wheel
Dec 3Life Is Unfair
Dec 10Live Hard Die Young
Dec 17At Your Convenience
Dec 24Moral Authority
Dec 31A Rhyme About My Winter Beard


Jan 7Work On Your Weakness
Jan 14Misperception
Jan 21Concern For The Long Term
Jan 28I Got Your Back
Feb 4Ready Willing Inable
Feb 11Accepting Responsiblity
Feb 18Show Of Support
Feb 25Unevolving
Mar 4Nice Guys Never Finish
Mar 11Love Grows And Changes
Mar 18Cruel And Unusual
Mar 25Work In Progress
Apr 1Give What You Can
Apr 8Ivy League Material
Apr 15It’s All Relative
Apr 22Take Action
Apr 29Not Enough Time In The Day
May 6Concealed Carry
May 13Self Help
May 20Not A Moment Too Soon
May 27Memorial Day Shopping
Jun 3Know What You Need
Jun 10The Conscientious Employee
Jun 17Moment Of Truth
Jun 24In The End
Jul 1A Short Rhyme For The Newborn Child
Jul 8Thinking Ahead
Jul 15The Wonderful Appendix
Jul 22The Frugal Boyfriend
Jul 29Crime Reduction Task Force
Aug 5The Idealist
Aug 12Coffee Talk
Aug 19Problems And Solutions
Aug 26Now Or Never
Sep 2Old Fashioned Courtship
Sep 9A Heart Torn Asunder
Sep 16Reason For Concern
Sep 23Politicizing Tragedy
Sep 30Freedom Fighters
Oct 7The Starving Artist
Oct 14Raising Awareness
Oct 21Career Ambitions
Oct 28Starting Point
Nov 4Learn From Experience
Nov 11Substantive Due Process
Nov 18First Time
Nov 25The Importance Of Emotional Intimacy
Dec 2Problem Solved
Dec 9Health Consciousness
Dec 16Chin Up
Dec 23The Long Hard War On Christmas, In Summary
Dec 30No Ordinary Love


Jan 6Selfieishness
Jan 13A Cost Benefit Analysis
Jan 20Addressing Poverty
Jan 27Dog Is Love
Feb 3Don’t Mention It
Feb 10Don’t Worry
Feb 17The Pursuit Of Meaning
Feb 24It’s Other People
Mar 3Big Step
Mar 10Shameless
Mar 17World’s Cutest Baby
Mar 24Not Afraid To Commit
Mar 31Book Review
Apr 7Product Of Upbringing
Apr 14Getting The Bad News
Apr 21The Long Road To Empowerment
Apr 28Guessing Game
May 5Guest Speaker
May 12Pie In The Sky
May 19S And M
May 26A Place On The Team
Jun 2Pleasure Reading
Jun 9Someone For Everyone
Jun 16Different Interests
Jun 23Thinking Of Others
Jun 30Healthy Choices
Jul 7Pro-Life Protest
Jul 14Smile
Jul 21Time To Grow Up
Jul 28Practical Advice For A Bachelor Clown
Aug 4Don’t Wait To Tell Them
Aug 11Sweet Life
Aug 18Tenuous Connection
Aug 25Feminist-ish
Sep 1Her Boyfriend Was A Narcissist With Dubious Science
Sep 8Baggage
Sep 15Keep The Faith
Sep 22The Tail Wags The Dog
Sep 29Turnabout Is Fair Play
Oct 6Uber-Uber
Oct 13Pedometer
Oct 20Appearance Not Deceiving
Oct 27Trickling Down
Nov 3Eight Hours A Night
Nov 10Pep Talk
Nov 17American Psychos
Nov 24Try To Be Thankful
Dec 1Play It Safe
Dec 8Thought Experiments
Dec 15Four Out Of Five Dentists Agree
Dec 22Family Christmas
Dec 29The Office Romeo


Jan 5Appearance Is Important
Jan 12Neutral Party
Jan 19Cooking Lesson
Jan 26Heaven Is Forever And Ever
Feb 2The Division Of Labor
Feb 9Just A Coincidence
Feb 16The Thoughtful Frat Boy
Feb 23Technological Advances
Mar 2Let’s Dance
Mar 9Trusting In The Lord
Mar 16One Boy’s Opinion
Mar 23The Office Funnel
Mar 30Slowly But Surely
Apr 6It’s Not Your Fault
Apr 13Learning To Share
Apr 20The Shy Boyfriend
Apr 27Created In Our Image
May 4Batman v Superman v Aquaman
May 11A Dog’s Life
May 18Happy Thoughts Of The Moocher Class
May 25The Bad Chemicals (The End)